Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Camera Bag

I thought I'd make a cosy little bag for my new camera. The blue patterned material was from Ikea, and I used a white felt to line it and velcro to keep it closed.

I was going to add wadding to make it extra-thick but I had cut the fabric too small (as I always do) so had to leave it out, although I don't think it needs it because the two fabrics make it thick enough. I left a boarder with the white felt to give it an interesting touch. And the camera fits in it perfectly yes!


I treated myself to baking some buns after I handed in my dissertation, so here are a few:

For the buns I used the good old 4, 4, 4, 2 recipe, such as this one. I didn't use butter I used a spread instead (which actually said "not suitable for baking" on the tub, but they came out fine!) and added a bit of vanilla essence and raisins, and some jam after baking to a few.
For the icing I made butter icing and added red food colouring. I made far too much though which is why most of the buns had a thick layer on. I found a few days ago that butter icing doesn't keep very well in the fridge (hence why the very dark pink one at the bottom of the photo looks a bit crystalised-ish) so I tried to use it all up at once.
I enjoyed making them but have decided not to make it a regular occurance seeing as its basically just sugar and butter, and the eating isn't as enjoyable as making the pretty icing patterns. Which is why it is just as good to ice mini-muffins from Aldi: