Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Desk Organisers

I found this tutorial and decided to have a go myself because I had an abundance of stationary that needed to be organised.

I washed a tin can, then I cut the wallpaper to the right height to fit on the side of the can, and I used cellotape down the edge to secure it. I thought it looked so good that I wolfed down another tin of baked beans and made another one.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gift Bow

I found instructions for how to make a bow to put on gifts here, and though I'd have a go and I'm very impressed with my effort.

I used brown paper but I think it would probably look good using any paper or even spare wallpaper that has a nice pattern.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tutorial: Lace Skirt

I'm going to show you how to make a lace high-waisted skirt.

You need:
Lace fabric
A plain fabric, to go behind the lace, which can contrast or match the lace colour (unless the lace is not see-through in which case you would not need a backing fabric)
Elastic for the waistband
Sewing machine, scissors, pins, tape measure, thread.

Start off by cutting the fabric. Cut both pieces together and fold them in half.

I used a skirt I already had as a template, and cut it a couple of inches larger to allow for seams.

Or you can measure the height and width you want the skirt to be and measure the fabric to fit, again leaving extra room for seam allowances.

Fold over the top of the fabric and pin it to make a seam at the waist. Make sure that you leave a wide enough gap so that your elastic will fit inside it. Sew it using a medium running stitch.

Fold the skirt in half with the right sides of the fabric facing eachother (the right sides being the outside- the part people see) and pin it to create a seam to go down the side of the skirt.
Thread the elastic through the waist seam at this point and then sew over it as you sew the side seam.

Try the skirt on and if it is too large then sew it again a bit smaller. I also add curves to the top and bottom of the seam so it fits better. Then trim the excess fabric off.

Finally, turn over the fabric at the bottom to create a seam, pin it, and then sew it. Make sure that the height is the same all the way around the skirt before you sew it.

Et voila! A high-waisted lace skirt.